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  • Vieux Fort Comprehensive School - St Lucia
  • Akim Asafo - Ghana
  • St Ambrose Academy - Sierra Leone
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  • Nserester Complex - Uganda2
  • Zimunya High School - Zimbabwe
  • Group photo - Guyana
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  • Eden High School - Belize

How Does The Commonwealth Girls Education Fund (CGEF) Help ?

  • The CGEF, formerly known as the Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund, sponsors girls of ability through secondary school where, without financial assistance, they would be unable or unlikely to continue. Read More
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Featured Story

  • Over £19,000 raised at Splendours of the Commonwealth event! +

    Over £19,000 raised at Splendours of the Commonwealth event! On Tuesday 10th April 2018, the CGEF hosted a splendid evening of pan-Commonwealth music and entertainment to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the charity and the Commonwealth Summit in London. Read More
  • Become A FRIEND of the CGEF +

    Become A FRIEND of the CGEF Changing lives through education and FRIENDSHIP. Click Read More for information on how to become a FRIEND of the CGEF. Read More
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Upcoming Fundraising Activities & Events

  • Join our 2018 British 10k run team! +

    Join our 2018 British 10k run team! Join our 2018 British 10k run team on Sunday 15th July. Read More
  • 2018 CCL Commonwealth Fair +

    2018 CCL Commonwealth Fair Saturday 10th November 2018. Read more for details. Read More
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News From Our Girls

  • Nelly’s story (Uganda) +

    This is the story of Nelly who wants to be an electrical engineer, just like her father. Read More
  • Priya’s and Ayesha’s stories (India) +

    Priya and Ayesha’s stories show two very different family dynamics, but at the core is their parents' desire to have their daughters educated. Read More
  • Joyceline’s story (Papua New Guinea) +

    Read the story of Joyceline whose boundless determination led to her finally finishing secondary school. Read More
  • Courtney and Ava’s stories (Dominica) +

    Read the story of Courtney and Ava's determination to continue their education, despite the obstacles of a natural disaster. Read More
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Get Involved

  • Support Our Activities and Get Invovled +

    Support Our Activities and Get Invovled The CGEF totally relies on the generous donation of time, skill and money from its supporters, in order to facilitate its aim of sponsoring bright yet impoverished girls around the Commonwealth. With various fundraising events held throughout the year, there is lots of opportunity for you to get involved by making a donation or volunteering your time. Read More
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